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Variations on a Theme

Follow-up to my recent post, “Heads up, Writers”: Five or six people in each age of men Express something true with the brush or the pen And others repeat it, again and again. And falsehood, if clothed in a nice-enough … Continue reading

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For Kira — Who Just Built Me a Poetry Corner to Play In !!!!!

I can write a limerick!I can write a sonnet.I can write a song of love And put a new spin on it. I can Haiku Japanese.I can psalter Hebrew.I can Frost a two-forked road And Shakespeare thee till ye do. … Continue reading

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I need a savior Who is stronger Than the troubles of this life. I need an anchor That pulls tighter Than the tumult and the strife. I need a master Who is bolder Than the ones who hold me slave. … Continue reading

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