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Writing Prompt #5 – Fly Away

Penney is a perfectly normal three-year-old; except that Penney can fly.  Now what’s a mother to do?  Flying at three, you say?  Can her parents fly too?  No they cannot.  Nor can any other human.Penney flies because she can, and … Continue reading

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Progressive Story with My Ending (Writing Prompt #4a)

This is what some Multiply friends and I have been up to all weekend. The original plan was to take turns writing until we’d finished the story. Today the rules were amended so that each of us got our apportioned … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #3 — Guided Imagery (is a major challenge to me)

Just below the collarbone, fear is sitting, all a-stir, wondering should it leap out through your voice.  “What street is this?”  “How did I get here?” Pay attention.  Think. You’re driving home from work.  You’re only driving home from work.  … Continue reading

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