Reading Blogs


I am reading blogs, and not blogging. Sorry!

Sometimes I must just start at Day One of a blogger’s blog, and read my way back to the future.

Cecilia is particularly prolific. She started 7/4/11 and blogs daily. I started reading last night, and have made it to September of last year. “Gotta catch ’em all!”

BTW: The quilt behind my laptop in this photo, is for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter. The embroidery for the quilt was begun by my grandmother in 1944, continued by me in 1973, and I finally have only a few stitches remaining to complete it. I will post a photo and more of the story, when it is done.

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7 Responses to Reading Blogs

  1. missriete says:

    LOL at the note! Now that is dedication!

    I love the quilt. I’m looking forward to read the whole story!
    How’s your daughter-in-law doing?

  2. Sean E says:

    I like your approach to blog reading. I have to say I used to do the same thing, however as the archives go back so far now I have trained myself to try and be less of a completist, not that it is easy!

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