It is time to wash the dog

I’d really rather continue reading blogs! WordPress is full of wonderful blogs to read and comment on!
Hmmm – if you type “shift/Enter” – is THAT the way to keep from skipping a line?

And if you type “ctrl/Enter” – is THAT the way to go ahead and skip a line?

But only typing “Enter” seems to have the same result as “ctrl/Enter” … at least that’s what it looks like on the “Add New Post” screen.

Is there a place to change the font? Where is it? The only way I’ve gotten larger and fancier fonts in any of my previous posts was by copying and pasting from someplace else – either Word or my Multiply blogsite.

Okay, it is time to wash the dog. As soon as I push “publish” and take a look-see what the line spacing looks like.

I will be writing real blogs again soon, I hope. But for now, I need to go wash the dog.

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5 Responses to It is time to wash the dog

  1. missriete says:

    I had a quick look around as I didn’t know how to change fonts either. At first it appeared to be quite a hassle as I read about it here,
    … but this seems to be more helpful,

    I haven’t fully read through it yet and I still have to try it all out but at least it’s something.

    • ranikaye says:

      I really must say – I am not often one to complain – but that is ridiculous! One cannot even change the size of the font, let alone the font itself, without using HTML. Humph!

      • ranikaye says:

        Oh, but THANKS for handing me the links 🙂

        I do not even know where to go for “help” around here. I am so glad to be finally running into some fellow Multiply expatriates to talk to. Up till now, this place has been too dang quiet!

        Thanks for being my friend at the new school.

      • missriete says:

        I just saw, when posting a new page, on top of your new post a button “kitchen sink” or something like that. When you click on that you see some other option too. You still won’t be able to change your font size but at least there are more options, like color etc.

      • ranikaye says:

        Oh, thank you! I will look for that next time I post. You’re a real pal to stop back here and tell me! ((hugs))

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