The Problem Is: She Doesn’t Look Her Age

The problem Is: She doesn’t look her age … or act it.

Aileen is 95 years old.  Her hair’s not much more gray than mine is.  She is only about as wrinkly as some 65-year-olds I know.
And she is STUBBORN! OMG! Stubborn as a two-year-old.
BUT: Her body knows that it is 95, even though her mind and appearance do not.
This woman REALLY needs to walk with a cane — or she is going to knock me over when I escort her into Plainfield Church (where I work), and we are both going to be in sorry shape!
I wish I would have taken her photo today so that I could show you.  She comes to Plainfield Church almost every Friday for Jolly 60s.  LOL!  They started that group when they all WERE in their 60s.  They’re way past that decade now!
They meet at Plainfield Church (where I am the Church Secretary) every Friday from 9:30 until 2:30.  They eat sweets.  A lot of sweets.  They used to offer them to me.  I mostly decline, but sometimes I succumb.  (Old ladies LOVE sweets!)
They play some sort of dice game, and they still think they ought to hide it from the Pastor, when the Pastor is in the building … because Methodists used to be SO against “games of chance,” whether one was betting cold hard cash or not … back in the day.
They eat their sack lunches.  They always offer me coffee – which I more often than not, accept.
And they chat about their aches and pains and what their children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren are doing.
Aileen does not look like she is 95 years old.  And that is the problem.  Because her body – at least her Joints and Balance – knows that it is 95 years old.
Gosh, I hope I am as stubborn as she is, if by God’s grace I should attain to such an age!
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4 Responses to The Problem Is: She Doesn’t Look Her Age

  1. Mel Weinerth says:

    Sounds like a wonderful person an one who has earned the right t be stubborn LOL .We have one in town like that an she just amazes me gets around better then I do .

  2. Joy Fleming says:

    She sounds like a lovely person. The founding pastor of our church passed away in the 70s. His widow is still going strong at 102! Mrs. Maloney lives alone at her house. (She won't move in with her daughter who lives nearby.) Except for being deaf, she is in great health. Probably better than me! I don't think her body knows her age. She mows her own lawn and drives her own car. Every summer she drives up to our conference center in the mountains to help out at our camp for the mentally disabled! Last year she fell and broke her hip. She healed fast and now walks at a good clip with her cane. We went to her annual birthday party this May and she looked great. Her white hair still has a hint of its original red. She is very deaf but reads lips. She is admired by everyone who knows her. There are days when I wish I had the energy this 102 woman has now!

  3. I think it's great when the older folk have a youth mentality, it's kind of inspiring 🙂 They've well and truly earned the right to sit around and just rest, but they're too busy enjoying their lives for that 😀 This is wonderful 😉

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