Writers Block #52: The Agnostic Shepherd










This is dismal.  Some have heard angels sing.  Some say that star leads to a faraway hope.  My feet are wet, and I have no idea why it has to snow again tonight.  I am looking for a lamb that wandered off at sunset.  Perhaps we’ll both be dead by dawn. 


Centuries from now, people will hate and kill each other, because of differing interpretations of what was seen and heard tonight.  If, indeed, anything remarkable has happened tonight at all.


If God was real, and he was going to save us, you would think he could just start over, and get it right this time.  What could be so important to him about my wretched life?


And where on earth did that lamb of mine go? 

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17 Responses to Writers Block #52: The Agnostic Shepherd

  1. I really like the down to earth voice of your narrator.

  2. ~ ~ says:

    Yes, the voice of the doubter, the one who got left behind. I am reminded of Martha and Mary. Let us hope this shepherd eventually found out what all the fuss was about.Great job, Rani.

  3. ** Sumax ** says:

    The sheer coldness of future martyrdoms, plus the present travails of everyday life; snowed under with worrying about the job … yes, that does make one wonder what the fuss is all about … except … except … that star just keeps on twinkling and every newborn child brings fresh hope into the world. One may be cold, wet and weary … but with hope … with hope … one can continue the search.

  4. Mel Weinerth says:

    So many throught out the ages have said this some find the reason others never do.

  5. Excellent…wet feet and all.

  6. Mary Terese says:

    i couldn't help grinning at this. reminds me somehow of the poem, "Mary has a little lamb" but with a different twist.mine is here …http://amkyurious.multiply.com/journal/item/206/Writers_Block_Challenge_52

  7. Heather B says:

    Wonderful post very powerful….awesome job Rani

  8. Great – I hope he found his lamb

  9. Scott . says:

    the thing I love most about the cold is you can dress for it

  10. Rani Kaye says:

    You're not a poet – you're a philosopher!

  11. Rani Kaye says:

    Whoa! Better save this analysis in case I become famous and an Amer. Lit. 101 prof needs to give a lecture on the deepest meaning of my early works of fiction!Grin.

  12. ** Sumax ** says:

    Oh, okay … simply put …. the search for the lamb goes on.

  13. Strange. Apparently you don't exist. Or am I the only one who can't read you?

  14. Nice job with this. Sad and ironic, but maybe just a little hopeful as well? And when the lamb is found…there will be time for warmth and happiness. Well done.

  15. c d says:

    This is an honest essay/story which questions so many different things. But you have left things open as the narrator searches for the lamb. Life can be like that. Well done.

  16. T J says:

    Because I am who I am, I read this the way I do. Love it…every single word!

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