Picture Perfect — Worn








November 22nd, 1963

From the scrapbook I made when I was eleven years old.

The following poem is on the last page of my scrapbook.  It is an adaptation of the eulogy given by Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield.  The adaptation was written by Rudolph Umland.  My apologies in advance, but I do not know what newspaper or magazine I clipped this from.  I had just celebrated my eleventh birthday days before President Kennedy was assassinated.

There was a sound of laughter; in a moment, it was no more.
And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.
There was a wit in a man neither young nor old, but a wit
Full of an old man’s wisdom and of a child’s wisdom,
And, then, in a moment it was no more.
And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.

There was a man marked with the scars of his love of country,
A body active with the surge of a life far, far from spent
And, in a moment, it was no more.
And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.
There was a father with a little boy, a little girl,
And a joy of each in the other.  In a moment, it was no more,

And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands.

There was a husband who asked much and gave much, and
Out of the giving and the asking wove with a woman what could not
Be broken in life, and in a moment it was no more.
And so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands,
And kissed him and closed the lid of a coffin.
A piece of each of us died at that moment.

Yet, in death he gave of himself to us.
He gave us of a good heart from which the laughter came.
He gave us of a profound wit, from which a great leadership emerged.
He gave us of a kindness and a strength fused into a human courage
To seek peace without fear.

He gave us of his love that we, too, in turn, might give.
He gave that we might give of ourselves, that we might give
To one another until there would be no room, no room at all,
For the bigotry, the hatred, prejudice and the arrogance
Which converged in that moment of horror to strike him down.

— Senator Mike Mansfield
prose adapted to poetry by Rudolph Umland

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20 Responses to Picture Perfect — Worn

  1. Bill Pate says:

    So right you are. This is exceptional.

  2. It is still sad. And now they say that we have another president that will be in that sort of danger. I think they only difference is if it happens now? We will know it was the Republicans that did it. Sore losers. Very thoughtful idea for the theme. Empress C's PP

  3. An event that has graced many a history book and scrapbook. Great take on the theme.Thank you for visiting mine.

  4. DJ D says:

    When will we realize that killing will not solve any of our problems? Only by changing ourselves can we change the world durably.I remember this day also, I was in 5th grade, 10 years old. Our teacher came in and she was crying.http://djdx.multiply.com/journal/item/343

  5. We were so worn down at our loss. What a capture of the times.http://blicktx.multiply.com/photos/album/3#8

  6. Mel Weinerth says:

    I was almost 15 an this shook me to the core we received a card from Jackie an wish I knew what became of it.

  7. ~ Dee ~ says:

    Yes, that's a worn article, but very much a special keepsake. Thank you for sharing such a special photo… http://blizzkid.multiply.com/journal/item/405/Picture_Perfect_WORN_

  8. Mitchy LR says:

    A very special book of memories, one that should be handed down to the next generation. http://mitchylr.multiply.com/journal/item/169

  9. Rii ** says:

    Hei RaniWhat a marvellous take on the theme!Very original and special indeed.My entry on WORN is in ere.

  10. Lise S says:

    It may be worn scrapbook full it is full of history for future generations to read. Great entry.I was at work that day. After the news broke out, I remember that all the telephone lines were busy when I tried to call home to tell my mother. She had also been trying to call me and couldn't get through. http://ninakobie.multiply.com/journal/item/470

  11. Mama Bear says:

    My hubby remembers where he was to the minute.. as I was only a few months old.. obviously.. I don't. But, it was one of those "shared" awful moments of our history.

  12. Cynabon S. says:

    Love this memory and such a priceless gift to give to someone..beautiful poem too.!http://cyn402002.multiply.com/journal/item/683/Perfect_PictureWorn_Cyns_Take

  13. Windi . says:

    very good entry…..

  14. Great memories, both sad and happy I hope. Great presentation.Sorry it took me so long to get here…have the flue.http://ldyria.multiply.com/journal/item/88?mark_read=ldyria:journal:88&replies_read=8

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