Still trying to write "Fiction"

I got an email with the next Writer’s Forum challenge just before I went to bed last night.  It will have to be fiction, because I have no life experience of this challenge to draw upon.  So I’m laying in bed last night trying to imagine myself in the situation required for the story.

My imagination is totally self-talk.  My imagination is not even slightly visual.  And so, the story I wrote in my head was all words.  Had I been at the keyboard, I can type almost as fast as I can think, so the story would have appeared on my blog with the click of a mouse.

Today, I can remember what I wrote in my head last night.  And I suppose it may have been a good enough story.  But it is a story that I now am bored with.

I have until next Tuesday night to do a new one.  Next time, I guess I’ll imagine another scenario, but this time I will do so at my keyboard.

So I learned something about myself, anyway.

And sorry if it seems like I am “teasing” here.  I did used to write fiction back in school.  But I wrote it at the typewriter, and never worked at it for very long.  I’d just type it out and hand it in and get my usual “A” and everybody would say how “creative” I am.

My creative writing teacher wrote in my yearbook, “To a girl who is creative to her very fingertips … “

Well, apparently it is ONLY my fingertips.  Because if I am not at the keyboard, I can “write” it in my head, but once I’ve written it, I don’t want it any more.  Unless it’s poetry.  Poetry I keep.  Poetry is my soul.  Fiction is just my imagination, which I do not actually employ in my day-to-day life unless it is to rehearse possibilities or to try to solve a problem.

But I do enjoy reading fiction.  And I can see great value in fiction.  Because with fiction you can hide in plain sight, and spotlight a truism without seeming to be doing so.

Stay tuned for the story, I guess.

But I’m not going to think about it again until I feel inclined to actually write it.  Because in order to write it I will have to re-imagine.  And I do not particularly enjoy imagining.  I much prefer thinking, sorting, and looking for connections.

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4 Responses to Still trying to write "Fiction"

  1. ~ ~ says:

    Funny thing…I had thought so much about the next scene in one of my stories I would have sworn I had written it down – but I couldn't find it anywhere. *L*I am a very visual person. That's why I love the Writer's Block challenges. I collect pictures of people I think would make interesting characters….

  2. Rani Kaye says:

    The woman I work for is extremely visual. We make a terrific team, each being "old" enough to celebrate each other's differences.

  3. Mama Bear says:

    No worries! I've found most writers.. have SEVERAL personas.. it's NORMAL! lol. The real you.. is the poetry.. but, the other.. that's what is hiding inside of you.. waiting to find life too!

  4. Mel Weinerth says:

    You will do it I am sure and it will be good too.

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