Writers Block Challenge # 26

Ladybug, Ladybug

Fly away home

Your house is on fire

Your children will burn






I’d fly home if I could, 


But I’m lost in this weed. 


The flower I’d chosen


Has all gone to seed.


The seeds have made wings


Of their own, and I fear


The wind will blow them and me


So far from here


My children will burn


‘Fore my wings touch the sky


Why did I choose this damn flower?


Oh why?

 — Poem by Rani Kaye
All rights reserved

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15 Responses to Writers Block Challenge # 26

  1. XXXX YYYY says:

    I like it, it's diffrent but I love the flow of the words. Good job 🙂

  2. XXXX YYYY says:

    I really like this……great job

  3. That is really nice. You did a great job!!!! Have a great day!!!!!

  4. Bill Pate says:

    Twas chosen for a spell of comfort before flight … nice flow of words, Rani … interesting, your take as I've seen a few others with their version … great concept … 5 stars kiddo … Huggers 8=)

  5. Love it Rani….had a little giggle as I read it. So light and breezy….just fantastic.

  6. Mickey ® says:

    heheheee…Nicely done. A smidgen of humor tied to an insectual tragedy.

  7. Devonne ~ says:

    :o) Smile ;o) Poor Mrs. Ladybug, I feel her pain.

  8. River Girl says:

    Wonderful…..but the poor little bug…..(o;

  9. John O says:

    LOL what a fun take on the picture and on the classic childhood poem!!!

  10. ~° Tint °~ says:

    Its not a weed. Its a volunteer plant ; ) Super writing! Poor ladybug. I always wondered about that truly depressing poem that we took such delight in reciting.

  11. Mary Terese says:

    Hehehe … oh poor little mother bug. i enjoyed your take on the challenge…

  12. LOL very cute. Sentimental journey with your ladybug childhood chant

  13. Light xox says:

    Aww this is great, and I love the humour as well, really good!

  14. Linda O says:

    ROFL ~ Great! Wonderful writing and such a smile maker!

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