Writers Block Challenge # 27


I wish I had a camera that could show the view from me:

Peripheral and everything I do and do not see.

And it would have to focus without zooming, and should stay

Attentive to the details and wide angles of each day.


Photographic memories!  I’ve heard some people have them.

Not me, though, only words are stored, retrievable at random.

I cannot tell you what I saw unless I first told me!

Word pictures I’ll remember.  That’s why I write poetry.

Poem by Rani Kaye, All rights reserved.

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He wants to be a peacemaker

I have no opinion on the politics of the region in question. I am simply quoting JD again because I am so impressed with his way with words. Especially the last sentence:

“After all the stress of the past two weeks, I almost blew a gasket when the United Kingdom said it would back Palestine’s statehood if they promised not to pursue a case against Israel in the international criminal court. To the contrary, I think we should stop at nothing to support such accountability measures, taken through legal channels, before militants have completely captured the hearts of the Palestinian people and exacted punishment in violent ways. Let’s put down the gun and pick-up the gavel.”

— John Daniel Gore

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Put this in your Quote Book and smoke it

“Tired voices might contend that conflict will always exist.

Of course: friction and gravity always exist for engineers — why wouldn’t misunderstanding and selfishness interfere with this mission?

Peace-builders, like engineers, keep looking for a way to reduce drag and make a better life for humanity.

Perhaps that is why Jesus called them ‘children of the Most High’ during his sermon on the mount.”

— John Daniel Gore


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A Well-Turned Phrase

” Some people can do stuff on a grand and amazing scale, some people go down in flames still not sure what the hell happened.  Some people just take a small corner of their lives and make it right, then go on to another one and align that too. Some people are doing it gently and privately, some fast and out loud.”

Source: http://thekitchensgarden.com/2011/11/04/because-its-right-not-might-or-fright-just-right/

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